Lulo loves Aqua Therapy

Four year old Lulo came to St. Joseph’s for ongoing rehabilitation following a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). GBS, an acute illness involving the peripheral nervous system, can cause temporary paralysis, muscle weakness, reflex loss, and numbness.

The SJH team carefully assessed Lulo and designed a rehabilitation programme to help regain her mobility and strength. Due to her condition, physiotherapy, especially aqua therapy, played a major role in her recovery strategy.

‘’Lulo could initially only roll and push up into a sitting position. She really struggled to move her legs. Even just one Aqua Therapy session in the pool made a huge difference to her rehabilitation. Suddenly Lulo was trying to kick her legs and move them in a walking motion. At the end of the session, she even put her feet against the wall and pushed backwards against me because she did not want to get out of the water.’’

Since then, Lulo has asked every day if she could go back in the pool – she loved it so much. Her lower limb strength and mobility has improved to the point that she can now walk independently and is starting to climb stairs. We are so encouraged, it’s truly amazing what Aqua Therapy can do! This success, combined with her other treatments, means Lulo is on her way to full recovery.’’

Melissa Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy, which focuses on restoration and acquisition of gross motor functional skills, is just one aspect of the holistic package of care available to our St. Joseph’s children.