Responding to COVID19 and the needs of our time

Dear Valued Friends, Supporters and Donors,

For the past 85 years, St. Joseph’s Home has been one of the pioneers in treating and caring for vulnerable and ill children who needed care and a safe place to heal. Once again, SJH will play its part and meet, head on, the new life-threatening pandemic we are facing.

Many of you may still remember that ten Pallottine Sisters were summoned to South Africa in 1935 to start one of the first health facilities to care for ill and destitute children after the Great Depression.

Again, we will be guided by the St. Joseph’s values and our mission to meet and respond to the signs of our times. This is at the heart of our Home. These values will now guide us as we face the uncertainty and impact brought about by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). A global and African challenge is our shared challenge and we feel deeply for those already directly impacted by this outbreak.

The safety of our children, staff and you, our valued supporters and friends, is our greatest priority. We are working closely with National and Provincial Health to vigilantly monitor the situation and adhering to all regulations to play our part and stop the virus from spreading.

Our children and staff are being empowered with relevant information and guided on personal hygiene and preventative measures in the Home.

As our valued friend, we would like to ask you to support us with the following safety measures we have taken to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • No external visitors will be allowed to enter the premises
  • No children will be allowed to visit on site
  • Persons entering the home may be subject to a Covid-19 screening
  • Sadly, no in-kind hand delivered donations can be accepted.

You may be aware that we are currently running our Easter Campaign for much needed baby toiletries. Please use our safe and simple online payment methods. You can even zapper scan and pay. Unfortunately we are no longer able to receive in kind donations at St. Joseph’s premises.

Your online cash donations are now more needed than ever! Please continue giving


or EFT St. Joseph’s Home for Children


Standard Bank| Account: 271166614| Branch Code: 036309| Swift : SBZAZAJJ


Once again we would like to thank you for your ongoing support of the Home and will keep you and your families in our thoughts and prayers in these difficult times.


Adrian van Stolk

Chairperson St. Joseph’s Home


Information to our Friends, Donors and Supporters

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