Twin Angels

Twin sisters Audrey and Nicolene (1-year-old), arrived at St. Joseph’s in February 2019 after being referred from Karl Bremer Hospital where they were treated for pneumonia. They were born prematurely and had low body weight, iron deficiencies and weakened immunity, all of which made them prone to infections and required frequent hospitalisation.

Daily nursing care encompassed administration of oral medication, 2-hourly feeding sessions and bathing. It was complimented by daily body massages to comfort, develop relationship with nurses and build trust. Feeding sessions became a special time for nursing staff in the ward, especially when their increase in body weight became visible and the team was reassured that the twin babies’ health is improving.

As time went by their need for medical and nursing intervention decreased as they started to show increasingly positive development. Audrey responded well to therapy sessions and started to react to sounds, make eye contact and vocalise small words, and her co-ordination improved. Nicolene could clap her hands spontaneously, make hand signs and participated in speech routine games. They were adored by all the staff in the ward and they adjusted well to the daily routine. Audrey started walking unexpectedly and it was a very proud moment for the nursing staff – the good news was shared with and celebrated by everyone at St. Joseph’s. Each baby’s weight gain of 3kg was an important milestone and after 9 months in our care they were discharged – in time to spend Christmas with their family!