We believe that every medically fragile child has the right to excellent holistic healthcare, delivered in the spirit of Christian love and devotion. Thank you for choosing to support children who need your help the most.

  Exciting News for Global Donors

We are thrilled to announce that your support stretches beyond South Africa. Donations made to St Joseph’s now offer tax benefits in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. The Chapel & York Family of Foundations were established to increase the flow of philanthropic funds to organisations worldwide. St Joseph’s Intermediate Paediatric Care is a registered member of the foundations below. By partnering with Chapel & York Foundations, we ensure a seamless and secure donation process.

Ensuring Compliance and Security

To uphold regulatory standards and ensure compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, we accept donations exclusively in the local currency. When making your donation through Chapel & York Foundation portals, select St Joseph’s Intermediate Paediatric Care as your chosen charity. You’ll then be guided through a secure payment process tailored to your preferred currency.


Annual Donations

Annual donations will significantly contribute to the day-to-day operational costs of providing these crucial services to our young children. Donations in excess of R10,000 will offset the costs of:

• Fuel for our vehicles to transport children to hospital for their medical check-ups. We spend approximately R885k per annum.

• A minimum of 1,095 meals, school lunches and snacks for all school-going patients, snack packs for patients attending hospital check-ups and meals and snack packs for patients attending outreach programmes. An annual average cost of R1.2m per annum.

• Ever-increasing electricity costs as well as security, cleaning and pest control services, to name but a few (an average of R4.4m per annum). There are also regular capital upgrades that delve significantly into our budget. We are mandated to ensure that we have reliable energy supply for children who require oxygen. Recent maintenance services have revealed that due to the age of the generator, parts are not readily available. The impact of loadshedding necessitates that we consider the upgrade of an ageing generator. A solar energy installation is also being considered. However, this is a costly exercise but must be included in our capital budget.

Friends of St Joseph's

Making smaller monthly gift donations will help cover the expenses of our patient welfare. With over 500 nappies being changed every day, we have a huge demand. Toiletries and towels are equally important, cleanliness and hygiene take precedence at St Joseph’s. A monthly contribution of R100 can make a difference.

Leave a bequest

A will is very personal and should benefit family and loved ones first. You may, however, wish to consider a leaving a legacy to St. Joseph’s which would be exempt from estate duty.

Leaving a charitable bequest in your will could make the world of difference to our children in need, while such a gift enjoys tax advantages. This is a win-win for everyone, and you are doing something amazing that people will remember you for.

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”                  – Pericles

For more information on the impact of your legacy gift or to discuss this matter in confidence, please contact our Head of Business Development, Lesley Liddle on lesley@stjosephsipc.org.za or by telephone on 021 934 0352.


One of the most rewarding ways to be involved with St. Joseph’s is to become a volunteer. Local and international volunteers are welcome. Tasks include reading to children, administrative support or helping with building maintenance. Volunteers with specialist skills such as teaching, psychology and therapy are in great demand.

Please contact us at info@stjosephsipc.org.za to discuss your volunteer opportunities.

Transform the lives of our children. Make us your MySchool Beneficiary

You can contribute to St. Joseph’s by swiping your MySchool/My Village/My Planet card when making purchases at any Woolworths, Engen Quikshops, Toys R Us, Waltons, Reggie’s and more. If St. Joseph’s is your chosen beneficiary, the store then donates a percentage of your purchases to us, on your behalf.

To add us as a beneficiary, visit: www.myschool.co.za/beneficiaries/beneficiary-search
If you don’t have a card, you can simply apply online or call 0860 100 445.

St. Joseph’s Intermediate Paediatric Care is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO No: 002/908) and a recognised Public Benefit Organisation (PBO No: 130000399).