Paediatric nursing includes 24-hr general, post-acute and specialised nursing care. There is a staff complement of over 75 registered nurses, enrolled nurses and carers, with the support of a medical officer.

The aim is to provide comprehensive child-centric care that considers the social, emotional, cultural and physical needs of the child. This includes palliative, post-acute and respite care.

Working within a multi-disciplinary team is critical for the best of the child. Each team member focuses on his or her area of expertise, and patient progress is discussed regularly at ward rounds where recommendations are made to ensure a successful outcome.

The nursing team also manage patients with feeding challenges. They are closely monitored to ensure early detection and appropriate intervention. The upskilling and continuous learning by our nursing staff is considered a priority.

Patient Welfare

Care extends beyond nursing care and rehabilitation therapy. Children are given everything they need to make their stay as comfortable as possible, including the provision of clothes and nutritious meals. The library has a supply of educational and age-appropriate toys, and stimulating fun activities are arranged and supervised by the child and youth care workers.

Transport to hospital for check-ups is provided. Parents are supported with programmes to help them understand their child’s condition and ensure medication adherence. Mainstream learners attend school if possible, and St. Joseph’s Special School is on the SJH campus. After school homework support ensures that children maintain their learning journey momentum.


Lily Ward

Babies under 1 year

20 beds

Daisy Ward

Children between
1 and 2 years

28 beds

Basil Ward

Children between
2 and 7 years

32 beds

Sunflower Ward

Children between
2 and 7 years

25 beds

Protea Ward

Boys between
8 and 18 years

35 beds

Freesia Ward

Girls between
8 and 18 years

35 beds