The social work team supports the child’s well-being, helping them and their family to understand and cope with the consequences of their health condition or injury.

Comprehensive assessments are done to inform an individualised care plan, including crisis intervention and preventative work. Together with the multidisciplinary team and community-based support, a safe healing and recovery environment is built to ensure successful discharge.

If required, accommodation at SJIPC is offered to parents. Counselling is provided using different modes of therapy to ease home and school transitions, develop life skills and identify any signs of depression. Every child matters and their experience must be happy, memorable and comfortable.

Child and Youth Care Workers

Child and youth care workers support the teenage patients, with developmental, social, cultural, emotional, cognitive, psychological and spiritual care. Whether it’s a listening ear or a gentle touch they perform this role. Daily routines and programmes are structured to address meaningful occupations, as well as foster social interaction and development.